Soul Sessions

‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are’

CJ Jung

Do you yearn to be truly seen and heard?

Are you more than ready to live your own soul truth?

Is it time to become ‘who you truly are’?

Soul Counselling

Soul Counselling can help you work through difficulties.

The most enlightened of us have challenges from time to time!

Illness, bereavement, loss, grief, separation, endings, beginnings and any changes in circumstances. As a qualified spiritual counsellor I hold a safe, sacred space for you as we work through all that you are experiencing. Whatever you bring is welcome and will be held tenderly, as you find your way forward. The challenges, sometimes overwhelming, of everyday life are exactly where we do our spiritual work, and soul counselling can support you through these times and help you draw on your own spiritual resources.

I bring creativity, wisdom and deep insight to my work with you, alongside years of training and expertise. And sometimes playfulness…

I invite you to fill in an application to work with me.

Investment: £55 per full hour appointment.

Soul mentoring

Soul Mentoring can help you find or deepen your sense of connection.

How do you connect with all that Life is?

Some people find this through religion, some through listening to music, or being in woodland or beside the sea. Irrespective of any religion and inclusive of all religion, I come alongside you as companion and guide to help you find, nurture and deepen your connection with Life.

I welcome doubts, uncertainty and confusion. Whatever you bring is welcome and will be held tenderly, as we find our way forward to open your heart and deepen your connection with all that Life is.

Investment: £55 per full hour appointment.

Soul Walking

Soul Walking is for you if you feel more inspired outside than inside.

Do you find too much talking therapy static? Would you prefer to move? Have you experienced the ‘Aha!’ moments that can arise when outdoors?

I can walk with you as a soul mentor, coach or counsellor, so we walk literally as well as metaphorically alongside each other.

We agree to meet at a particular venue, then begin walking and talking.

Imagine doing your soul work on a coastal path, in a National Trust Garden, down a Cornish lane, or on a beach…

Investment: £55 per full hour appointment. Travel is free within 5 miles of TR3 and then charged at £1 per mile.

Soul Coaching for health

Soul Coaching for Health is designed for those who are stuck in unwanted old, familiar physiological patterns, where there is no pathology ie doctors have run all sorts of tests, but nothing shows up, yet you remain unwell.

Are you stuck in patterns of ill health? Do doctors tell you there isn’t anything much they can do to help?

I know what it is to have this sort of debilitating illness; I also know that it’s possible to get better. Because I did!

I’ve worked successfully with clients for many years helping them to move beyond the patterns and restrictions of their lives, and step into who they truly are.

I have an impressive track record of grateful clients and transformed lives. I’m especially experienced at working with what the medics call ‘functional somatic symptoms’. To you and me that’s things like ME/CFS, IBS, Migraine, Pain syndromes, POTS etc and I’m a founding member of Reclaim Health, a collaboration of doctors, coaches and practitioners, who’ve developed a successful programme of intervention.

Sometimes it’s appropriate to work with a client intensively over a few days if they’re at the point in their illness journey where shift can happen quickly.

Most people see me for 1 – 2 hours per week for approximately 12 hours though it can vary from person to person. To recognise this, once we have agreed that Reclaim Health is the best approach for you, I offer a reduction in the hourly rate to £50 per hour.

Click here for more information about Reclaim Health. The Reclaim Health book is now available from Amazon.

I’m an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP practitioner, trained in Mindfulness and the Breath, Wholeness Work and Reiki.

I work with all human beings, however you define yourself, whatever your beliefs, background and occupation.

I’m committed to working with you with integrity, compassion and deep insight. I bring the light of truth and honesty. And whilst I hold you in and with love, please note that this might not always feel comfortable. Come to work with me if you’re prepared to see the truth and do the work to let your soul shine.