Naming, Blessing or Welcoming Ceremonies, Mother, Father, Parent Ceremonies

New life comes to us again and again in our own lives and through the lives of others; it’s part of the cycle of life.

Ceremony recognises the specialness of such moments and helps us cross their thresholds.

If you’re preparing for a birth and a huge change in life, a Mother or Father Blessing ceremony can help you prepare and resource you emotionally.

Women who’ve given birth after a Mother Blessing ceremony often find new strengths and insights they can take with them into the birth process and beyond.

Father Blessings can ease the way into a new role and help you draw on talents and skills that are latent. A Parents Blessing ceremony can help both of you find what you need to enter this new change.

We can explore what you need, using words, sounds, songs, poetry, friends, gifts, support.

Are you preparing for a birth? Contact me.

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Blessing and Naming Ceremonies

Once the new arrival has arrived, how would you like to welcome and name them? Traditionally this has been done in churches through Christening Services, but today people often want something that speaks more directly to them and reflects their own beliefs.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony is an opportunity for family and friends to express gratitude and delight, and make promises of support to the new arrival. Pronouncing their name in ceremony can be a profound moment of recognition of this new soul that’s arrived on the planet. We truly see them; witness their arrival; honour them. This is true however old your baby or child is.

We meet for up to 1 1/2 hours to discuss what you’d love from your ceremony, where you’d like it, who you’d like to be present, and if you want significant adult supporters for your children (known in Christian churches as godparents). We explore possible readings and poems, music, promises you’d like to make to your children, and any other elements that you might desire. And obviously I’d like to meet your baby or child and get to know them a little!

Rights of Passage

Traditional communities often have ways of helping children across the threshold from adolescence into adulthood. Our society doesn’t recognise this key transition very well, and we leave our adolescents to find or stumble through this time. By creating a Rite of Passage ceremony we can help them recognise what they’ve had, find the willingness to let go, and embrace the new responsibilities and possibilities of emerging adulthood. It also helps them find out what support there is, both within themselves and within the community, as they embark on this journey.

For girls, we might explore a Menstruation Ceremony which honours the physical and emotional changes she’s experiencing. Or we might create a ceremony around a significant birthday. For every individual, the timing is different.

Some come into adolescence with a new awareness that they need to change their gender; again, ceremony can help them and their family navigate this shift, and welcome what is emerging.

These are bespoke ceremonies; contact me to discuss what you’d like and I can give you an idea of cost.

Take the first step and call me on 07964 721843 or get in touch via my Contact form..

Service Packages

Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremony

One child – £250

Two children – £300

Three children – £350

Additional meetings can be arranged @£55 per hour.


    • 1 meeting of up to 1 1/2 hours (or longer with more children)
    • Shared Google doc as ceremony evolves
    • Plan and lead ceremony of 20-30 minutes
    • Email and phone contact

    Meetings at your home within 10 miles of TR3 are included. We can meet further afield for a charge of £1 per mile.