About Soul Service

by Julia Clare

Welcome to Soul Service!

I’m Julia Clare, experienced therapist, interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor.

My background is teaching, but my main interest has always been individuals and how we/they learn, grow and change. People fascinate me.

Periods of illness (and what a great but tough teacher illness is) including 9 years of bed and wheelchair-bound ME/CFS and more recently cancer, have given me the gift of being able to dive increasingly deeply into what it means to be alive, and how we can be alive in whatever situation we find ourselves.

In many ways my whole life has been a training for my current soul work. My formal curriculum has included an MA in Sociology and English, a Certificate in Education, a year studying NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching, twice qualifying as a Master Practitioner with different teachers, Reiki, Mindfulness and the Breath and Wholeness Work.

Over the years I gained increasing experience and reputation in the area of self-development, and in 2012 I further explored the spiritual path by embarking on a rigorous 2 year training with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation It was here that I studied and experienced many faith paths, trained as a spiritual counsellor, and honed the craft of creating ceremony.

I’m reflective by nature, and committed to ongoing learning and study. You’ll rarely find me without several books on the go, and pieces of music to play or sing!

I now bring all this expertise to my work with you. Whether that be the creation of a ceremony or through working one-to-one.

I work with people of any or no faith and people of every spectrum, creed, race or however you define yourself. And I will be honest and tell you if I don’t think I’m the right or best celebrant or therapist for you.

My own faith path is Christ-centred. I co-lead a bimonthly evening service Breathing Space at Truro Methodist Church which is designed as a quiet time of reflection for people of faith and none. I’m also training as a local preacher.

Things I love: Cooking delicious meals, playing the piano, reading, walking Cornish coastal paths, laughing with friends, studying, singing, meditating, creating beautiful ceremonies, knitting, running, lighting candles…

Things I love less: housework and admin!

Julia Clare

Interfaith Minister MA Cert Ed

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