Funerals, woodland burials, memorial and thanksgiving services, scattering of ashes

My thoughts are with you if you’ve arrived here because you’ve lost someone.

Ceremonies for loss have a special place in my heart. They provide a space for us to remember and honour our loved ones, reflect on what has been lost, and look back, often with joy, at the full measure of a person. And it’s a space for us to grieve, and begin to heal.

In the midst of your loss, I work closely with you, your family, friends and funeral director, to create and carry out a beautiful and authentic funeral which honours the character, personality and beliefs of your loved one, and celebrates their life and legacy.

Initially I visit you in your home, or place of choice, and offer deep listening as you talk about your loved one. With warmth and compassion I provide time and space to begin the sharing and grieving process, and talk about the funeral, memorial or thanksgiving service you’d like for them. This takes up to 1 ½ hours, and might include laughter and tears!

After this I begin to write the ceremony, keeping in close contact with you as it evolves. I can suggest religious and non-religious readings, music, songs, poems, rituals, prayers and ways of creating a space unique to your loved one. I can craft a eulogy, and am happy to deliver it for you too.

Ceremonies can take place in a crematorium, on a beach, in a woodland clearing, a home, or anywhere of your choice. Burials take place at designated sites. They can be religious, non-religious, spiritual, or a mix of sacred and secular. I help you find what is right for you.

To discuss booking a funeral call or text: 07964 721843 or get in touch via my Contact form.

Your family situation might have strong emotions and complex relationships within it, including with the one who’s passed. Having worked for many years with complex issues and situations affecting both children and adults in education and therapy, I can provide the wisdom and experience that are often hard to find at an intense time. My aim is to make this process as easy and fulfilling as possible for you all.

For those who’ve experienced the loss of miscarriage, I can provide sensitive ceremony to help you grieve for what might have been, has been lost, and wants to be recognised.

In the particularly poignant and tough situation where your loss involves a child under 16, I offer to provide a funeral ceremony for free, rather than the standard fee.




Pre-plan your own loss ceremony

You might, like increasing numbers of people, want to create your funeral before you die, and I offer to work with you to create your funeral ceremony. It can be very comforting to know it’s all prepared and just as you’d like it to be; and can ease the pressure on family and friends after you’ve gone.

End of life support through song

I co-lead a Threshold choir, Liminal, which sings for people towards the end of life. Sometimes we’re asked to sing at a funeral or memorial services, and this has proved to be a moving element. Please ask if you’d like to consider this option. Or if you’re helping someone prepare for the end of life, you might want to consider asking Liminal to sing. There’s no charge for this; Liminal offers their services freely. Drop me a line, text or call for more info about Liminal.

Counselling support

If reading any of this has touched you, you might also like to contact me for counselling support. Find out more by clicking here.

Take the first step and call me on 07964 721843 or get in touch via my Contact form.

Service Packages

Loss Ceremony – £250


  • 1 meeting of up to 90 minutes
  • Wide range of readings, music and resources to draw from
  • Shared Google doc as ceremony evolves
  • Plan and lead ceremony of 20-40 minutes
  • Email and phone contact
  • Communication with funeral director

Extra meetings can be arranged @£55 per hour.

Meetings at your home within 10 miles of TR3 are included. We can meet further afield for a charge of £1 per mile.

Pre-plan your Loss Ceremony – £180


  • One meeting of up to 90 minutes
  • Wide range of readings, music and resources to draw from
  • Email contact during ceremony creation
  • Ceremony creation
  • The gift of your ceremony in a ceremony folder

Contact me to book a time to plan your end-of-life ceremony.